Infrared Body Temperature Screening - Distance Learning

Infrared Body Temperature Screening - Distance Learning

Infrared Body Temperature Screening is a theory and application course for the use of thermal imaging to detect elevated body temperature in humans. This is a specialized course focused on a single application. Course is equivalent to a 5-hour classroom course with a 2-hour period allotted for the online exam at the end of the course. Course completion may be applied toward training requirements for Infraspection Institute Level I, II, or III thermographer certification.

This course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, current regulations, standards compliance, screening area setup and procedures, adjunctive equipment, and safety issues. Course is designed for program managers and for operators of infrared body temperature screening systems.

Students are trained to set up and operate both purpose-built and industrial grade thermal imagers suitable for human body temperature screening. Self-directed learning activities are provided to help student gain practical experience; however, one need not have an infrared imager to successfully complete the course. Course tuition includes 24-hour access to all online course presentations, downloadable Student Reference Manual, online exam, and written proof of course completion. Student must complete training within 14 days of registration.

Prerequisite: None

Tuition fee $595 USD

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